ChronoModel v3.2

Chronological Modelling of Archaeological Data using Bayesian Statistics

The ChronoModel Application is intended to provide tools for constructing chronologies in archaeology in combining Events, Phases and temporal constraints.

Models can be developed including data from any dating methods (14C, TL/OSL, AM, typo-chronology, …) and from archaeological and environmental contexts (stratigraphy, ordering between phases, duration or hiatus constraints).

A user-friendly interface is proposed for entering the data, MCMC calculations can be inspected in details, models and results are presented using the Bayesian statistical framework.

ChronoModel is a free and open-source cross-platform software (Mac, Windows, Linux). The current version 3.2 works with different calibration curves for 14C and Archaeomagnetism. It is available here for downloading.


Director of project: Philippe LANOS (CNRS) email